Broomski Ball


Arena Type

Open Game


Tennis Balls
Small bins
Broomstick (rod)

How To Play

Set up a straight track with as many lanes as there are players, each with three (or as many) bins/recepticles in front of one another then use the blocks (and ideally some gaffa tape) to prop up the back ones so they are all in a row, smallest to highest at one end of the track
Then tape, weigh down (or get some helpful volunteers to hold) the broomstick in front of the bins
The players must then start with LOTS of tennis balls at the other end of the track
The players must roll the tennis balls along the track and get as many in their bins as they can!
First player to X amount of balls in each bin Wins!


First player to score 10 (or as many balls as you have)
As many as you can in a minute
Different bins could get you different number of points..?!