Modular Gaming.

This is an ever growing inspiration compilation of games old and new from far and wide

Many of these games are designed to be played as individual rounds in a TOURNAMENT Style Game

They can be selected using the various filters depending on the amount of time you want to play for, the space you have available and what ingredients/props you’ve got to hand.


Tournament Score Board

Is a box grid wth the games you are playing down one axis and the players/teams down the other with each rounds scores and Wins/Losses/Ranking filled in between.

Game Scoring

The games are designed to be flexible so you can include as many players as you like and can form teams or partnerships or just go solo. 

You can also decide or change the games rules and how you want to be able to win or lose the game depending on time/number of players.

Scoring Suggestions – 

VERSUS  Players head off against each other – First to… ,Last to…

TIMED  Against the clock – Fastest/Slowest Time, Most X in X seconds

JUDGED BY JURY ( JBJ ) Let the other players/spectators decide (take a vote or applause-o-meter)

So a lot of the the games can be played –

ONE AT A TIME – Each player performs their round individually. Round is timed by the II (independent Invidulator) and their time is marked on the score board. The highest/lowest time scored (dependent on game) signals the winner.

RACE – All players perform their round at the same time. The first/last player to finish (depending on the game) signals the winner.


The ingredients are the props/tools you use for each game. The idea is you can improvise and find a game to play with whatever you have around you.  Maybe even build up a collection of common items.

Number one ingredient is a pen and paper/board and marker to keep your scores.

Have included a handy search bar so if you type in the props or items you have available, it’ll tell you what games you could play.