Spooner Ballooner


Arena Type

Open Game


Wooden Spoons (or any Bat)

How To Play

The player must use the wooden spoons to keep the balloons off the floor
The player with the longest time with all the balloons off the floor wins
The Round is over when all the balloons have touched the floor
Either play at same time as other players or if not enough ingredients use Stopwatch
The Stopwatch is started when the balloons are released.  Balloons are released at the head height of the player by a third party


Doobler Spooner Ballooner – Two players working together, Four Spoons, Four-Six Balloons
Ooner Spooner Ballooner – One Player, One Spoon, Two Balloons
Players ideally play round at the same time but if not enough ingredients you can go one at a time and use a Stopwatch
Add or subtract balloons depending on players ninja skills