Arena Type

Open Game


A Projectile (preferrably aerodynamic and not too fragile)

How To Play

For as many players as you like. Can all take turns or split into pairs
Players stand across the room from one another and must and play catch with each other
Any player to miss or drop the ball are disqualified and out the game.
Last player left is the Winner!


This game is entirely dependent on ability and how interesting you want to make it – if you’re all fielders in pro baseball team you should play wearing oven gloves using a pea to throw and catch – all in the handicaps
Suggested handicaps – Players must wear oversized gloves/mittens Players must use unusually shaped or small objects (preferably not expensive) to throw
Players are not allowed to move their feet off the spot
Other spectators trying to psyche out players
Players take 2 steps back after each catch before throwing again