Coin Football


Arena Type

Table Game


Coin (pref 2p or 10p)

How To Play

Player 1 starts with coin overhanging their side of the table. They get 3 -5 touches (depending on size of table) to get the coin over to the opposite side of the table and be overhanging for the next all important move.
If the coin doesn’t land in position, it is Player 2s turn. If they do, Player 1 must flip the coin up from the side of the table to catch it.
If they do not catch the coin it is Player 2s turn If they do, the opposing Player 2 must make a ‘Goal’ out of their hands (gun fingers, upside down, fore-fingertips touching and thumbs on the table. Then Player 1 must then spin the coin on the table, then catch it between their thumbs then shoot it into their opponent’s goal.
Player with most goals (best out of 3) is the Winner!